Aveline is visual development artist and comic book artist living in Belgium. From an early age, she showed a particular interest in drawing, a natural fit, as she is highly curious and observant, quite sensitive, and marvels at the beauty held within the simplest of things. 

Fascinated by character design and creating universes for them, she develops a unique dimension to her creations by studying 3D Animation at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Belgium, where she graduated in 2011. 

Then, she continues her journey alone, since it's in self-taught that she continues to learn more, having the will to deepen her knowledge in visual development. 

She currently works as a freelancer for various clients in the field of publishing and animation.

When she’s not drawing, Aveline likes to express herself musically, by singing, and playing the guitar, piano and the ukulele. You can follow her on Instagram @aveline_stokart, or reach out below !

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